Being Merciful with Oneself
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Rossmanith, B. (2017). Being Merciful with Oneself. Studia Bioethica, 10(1). Retrieved from


Working in a psychiatric clinic with a clear Christian profile, one ethical question in our work is how we can integrate forms of psychotherapy that have been developed in a context of secular relativism, like psychoanalysis or behavioural therapy, or more modern forms of therapy in a context of a certain kind of western «esoteric Buddhism» into a Christian world view. I want to demonstrate, that it is not only possible to use these forms of therapy in a Christian context, but that Christianity also highlights and promotes these forms of therapy. Psychotherapy is essentially dealing with one’s own soul. These forms of therapy can help us in our spiritual growth and inner healing, especially through simply «accepting» ourselves . Christianity takes us to the next level by adding «mercy».
PDF (Italiano)