The medicalisation of the women's life
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Spatzenegger, M. (2011). The medicalisation of the women’s life. Studia Bioethica, 2(3). Retrieved from


What is one of the drug market’s major target? It is the illusion that the women’s needs can be determined and satisfied conferring upon them the power of self-determination through choice. The present article focuses on the medicalisation of the woman’s life and the repercussions of the World Health Organisation (WHO)’s Definition of Health at the light of virtue ethics. The woman’s existence is trapped between the desire for youthfulness and search for self-identity, between the desire of living the full significance of her life and being reduced to biological functions. The woman’s medicalisation threatens her creative inclination by forcing her into a passive life. Lifestyle medicine substitutes the woman’s autonomy by commercial control. As the woman must be considered as a dynamic unity of body and spirit with natural inclincations for self-preservation and well-being the exercise of the cardinal virtues may be an answer to the challenge of medicalisation.
PDF (Italiano)