Euthanasia debate in Brazil under Bioethics perspective
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Urban, C. (2012). Euthanasia debate in Brazil under Bioethics perspective. Studia Bioethica, 3(1-2). Retrieved from


Euthanasia debate remains in the order of day. As a concept it refers to every action or omission realized to search a peaceful death in order to avoid pain and sufferance of the patient. However, there are no physiological, biological or clinical reasons to accelerate the death process. But there are anthropological, cultural, ethical and religious reasons inside this debate. In this way, it is not an exclusive problem of medicine, but transcends the biological and evidence based medicine parameters to achieve all society. In Brazil this debate remains in the superficiality. So, the author reviewed the most important elements involved in euthanasia dilemma, integrating them to Brazilian reality, and using a bioethical approach with the worry to the person who is dying. Brazilian doctors are not well prepared to face terminal patients and there is lack of universal access to palliative care.
PDF (Italiano)