Human Dignity and Human Ecology
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Tham, L.C., J. (2015). Human Dignity and Human Ecology. Studia Bioethica, 8(2). Retrieved from


This paper looks that the relationship between human dignity and human ecology. It first briefly traces the origins of human dignity and its present-day usage, and then points out the different philosophical, historical and ecological currents that minimize or deny dignity. Next it presents a correct vision of human beings in relation to their surroundings from a Christian perspective that is termed human ecology. From this perspective, the ecological problem can be resolved only we accept God as Creator, and humans as creatures given a gift to care for nature as priest, prophet and king. A Christian understanding of human dignity recognizes our spiritual nature damaged by sin but also capable of growth in virtues to tackle the ecological challenge morally and responsibly. Against a utilitarian and consumerist tendency, this will also entail recognition of the value of human life at all stages of development. Man’s higher calling also avoids the two extremes of optimism and pessimism, by penetrating the mystery of eschatological hope.
PDF (Italiano)