Un rinnovamento della teologia morale? Esistono temi squisitamente morali? La teologia morale nei secoli XIX e XX di fronte a queste domande


Summary: The 19th and 20th centuries witnessed a renewal of moral theology, encouraged by Vatican II, which many authors sought to carry out in their textbooks. Although many objectives have been reached satisfactorily, the received legacy of moral theology has not always favored this renewal. This article proposes to ascertain to what extent the desired renewal of moral theology is present in contemporary textbooks. The article offers a brief survey, not exhaustive but representative, of whether the theme of the conformity of the human will to the Divine Will—a theme that rightly belongs to moral theology, yet for a long period of time was confined to spiritual theology—is present in contemporary textbooks on moral theology. Key Words: conformity, Will of God, Will of the Father, obedience, self-abandonment to divine will.
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