La preghiera del Padre Nostro commentata da S. Teresa d’Avila


Summary: My contribution brings out the fundamental theological-spiritual elements in regard to Christian prayer and to the growth of the soul in its union with God, as presented in the book of St. Theresa of Avila, The Way of Perfection, and it analyses the commentary which the saint writes on the prayer of the Our Father in that book. Hence, the sources which have sufficed for me in this are those in the work already mentioned, written by St. Theresa for her nuns, during the time in which she was the prioress of St. Joseph’s monastery, for the purpose of offering them useful advice about prayer, as the way which leads to the fullness of the spiritual life. This commentary on the Our Father is theological and soteriological, in a unified whole; theological because it is a word about God and about the mysteries of Revelation, presented in terms of the glorification of the mystery, and soteriological because it brings out the salvific communion of God with human beings and his love, which always redeems, forgives, heals and comforts.

Key words: vocal prayer, interior detachment, creaturely fragility, humility, filial experience, abandonment, charity.

Parole chiave: orazione vocale; distacco interiore; fragilità creaturale; umiltà; esperienza filiale; abbandono; carità.