I trascendentali tommasiani ens, unum, multiplicitas nel cosiddetto “tomismo analitico”


Summary: In this article, I show how “Analytic Thomism” has developed some reflections on the Thomistic transcendentals ens, unum and multiplicitas, in critical dialogue with some contemporary analytic philosophers. The article is divided into three main parts: in the first, I refer briefly to the thought of Thomas Aquinas on the transcendentals ens, unum and multiplicitas and also clarify what “Analytic Thomism” is; in the second, I present the dominant position within contemporary analytic philosophy on the notion of existence in the third, I expound the theory of some “analytic thomists”, which constitutes an alternative to the dominant position, within which there is a rediscovery, in dialogue with both Aquinas and with Frege, of the analogical and transcendental nature of the notions of existence, unity and multiplicity. Key words: Thomas Aquinas, Analytic Thomism, transcendentals, Frege, existence, unity, multiplicity Parole chiave: Tommaso d’Aquino, Tomismo analitico, trascendentali, Frege, esistenza, unità, molteplicità.
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