La solitudine ai tempi del COVID-19. Riscoprire le relazioni interpersonali e la solitude nella società iperconnessa

Parole chiave

social isolation
solitude as recollectioninterpersonal relationships, social distancing
solitude as recollection
interpersonal relationships
social distancing
alonenessisolamento sociale
relazioni interpersonali
distanziamento sociale


Costantini, B. (2020). La solitudine ai tempi del COVID-19. Riscoprire le relazioni interpersonali e la solitude nella società iperconnessa. Alpha Omega, 22(3), 421-438. Recuperato da


Summary: Solitude is a complex, multi-dimensional psychological construct, with features which are both negative and positive. Solitude can be: 1) an objective condition of being alone (aloneness), due to the concrete lack of reference points which may offer moral, material, emotive or affective support; 2) a condition which is sought intentionally in order to avoid others defensively (social isolation), protecting oneself from unpleasant emotions or from social anxiety; 3) a condition which is perceived subjectively as negative (loneliness), when, even though being in the company of someone else, someone “feels alone” and separated from other persons. 4) a positive condition which is sought out (solitude), in order to satisfy the need for recollection, reflection, interior order, privacy. In the West, individualism and the crisis in inter-personal relationships renders people in the contemporary world vulnerable to solitude, a perception aggravated by the COVID-19 pandemic, which imposes isolation, restrictions and social distancing. To construct and to maintain inter-personal relationships and to rediscover solitude as a space for privacy with oneself and with God, as a place to inhabit and not as a place from which to keep away, could constitute factors of a positive kind against the risk of psycho-pathology.

Key words: Solitude, aloneness, social isolation, loneliness, solitude as recollection, interpersonal relationships, social distancing.

Parole chiave: Solitudine, aloneness, isolamento sociale, loneliness, solitude, relazioni interpersonali, distanziamento sociale.