L’accompagnamento spirituale nella pastorale ecclesiale


Summary: In the Christian tradition spiritual accompaniment has always assumed a role of fundamental importance for the growth of countless men and women, who, allowing themselves to be guided by a spirit of docility, have been able to attain to extraordinary heights of holiness. Nowadays, with the de-Christianisation which our society is experiencing, spiritual accompaniment remains more than ever necessary and is a matter of urgency for priests, but also for committed lay persons, in order that they not be suffocated by pastoral work and by the frenetic nature of modern living. The spiritual life of those who embark sincerely upon a path of faith will be incapable of true growth unless it is accompanied by people within the ecclesial community who are willing to place themselves at the disposal of other persons. In a world in which people are propelled more and more to live outside of themselves, the “direction” to be proposed to them is that which leads to what is within them, in the intimacy of their soul, in which God dwells. It is necessary, therefore, to form masters of the spirit who are adequate to the task, guiding the faithful with patience, inviting them ever more to begin once again, without allowing themselves to be discouraged by their limits as persons and by their failings.

Key words: spiritual direction, spiritual accompaniment, interior life, spirituality, pastoral work, catechetics, pastoral workers.

Parole chiave: Direzione spirituale, accompagnamento spirituale, vita interiore, spiritualità, pastorale, catechetica, operatori pastorali.