Dante teologo


Summary: Dante Alighieri (1265-1321) was capable of translating the concepts of theology into beautiful poetry. in the Divine Comedy he offers a deep theology, rooted in a faith that is solid and convinced. Such a theology acquires a strongly existential dimension, precisely from the man who finds himself “on the journey” towards the heavenly fatherland. In this way, the great poet comes close to our contemporary mentality, which is very sensitive to the existential condition of the human being. He was able to express truth in terms of beauty, thus creating a poetic theology, which was capable of integrating in a harmonious way the different spheres of knowledge, of theology, philosophy and the science of the time. These are the reasons, among many others, which make his magnum opus a work of great contemporary relevance and a source of inspiration for anyone who wishes to develop a synthesis between theology and poetic expression.

Key Words: Beauty and Truth of faith, Communion of saints, Faith, Theology, Theological virtues, Poetry.

Parole chiave: Bellezza e Verità della Fede, Comunione dei santi, Fede (intelligenza della), Teologia, Poesia.